Squeeze Fungi Across Post-Apocalyptic Scenes In Mushroom 11



Untame is giving out a playable preview of its weird physics-based puzzle platformer Mushroom 11 if you pre-order it for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


It involves you squeezing an amorphous organism across a dangerous post-apocalyptic landscape. You use a mouse (or a finger on touchscreen) to erase the mushroom’s form as it immediately generates it in the opposite direction. Through this you’re able to move it.


You have to use the mushroom’s mass, size, and speed to swing it across lava, weigh down objects, weave through tunnels, and defeat scary mutated plants.


It may sound pretty oddball, but Mushroom 11 has picked up plenty of recognition over the past couple of years, including awards, press praise, and funding support from Indie Fund.


Now that it’s near to being released, Untame has put it up for pre-order on its website where, for $19.99, you can get a DRM-free PC copy of the game and a Steam key, two digital wallpapers, and the playable preview. For $34.99 you can add a digital sketchbook and the soundtrack to that package.

Chris Priestman