SRPG Garden Tale Navigates A Battle Between Humanoid Animals & Explosive Plant Growing Botanists

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The garden Kingdom, a land of beautiful, yet highly volatile, plants tended by the Gardenfolk, finds itself at war with the Zoolians, humanoid animals that have a problem with explosive flowers (somehow) in SRPG Garden Tale.


From a 2.5D perspective, players will send their botanist warriors into battle against the Zoolians, utilizing equipped weapons and special abilities to strike at the enemies on the grid. Players can choose to equip these weapons and skills, so they can plan various strategies for the map they will be fighting on. Each character has a movement and attack range, so players will need to factor in positioning while planning their attack.

The Gardenfolk are also perfectly capable of putting their explosive flowers to work. Known as Bonions, these fiery plants will burst into flames when their HP is reduced to 0, so players can carefully take out a Bonion the enemies are standing too close to for some extra damage. If this explosion kills another Bonion, they will detonate as well, setting up chains of explosions that will increase in damage as they go off. Players will want to keep their characters out of the way, though, as all enemies are vulnerable to a Bonion burst.


Garden Tale is available now on Steam and Playism.

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