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Star Fox EX Mod Pits Fox Team Against Nintendo Itself

Star Fox EX

Modder Kando created what they call “The most advanced mod of Star Fox ever created.” Called Star Fox EX – the “EX” stands for “Exploration Showcase” – the modified file adds new features and content to the 1993 SNES original. It can be played in an emulator, or on original Super Nintendo hardware using an FXPAK Pro, a specialized SNES cartridge designed to allow the loading of game backups (a.k.a. ROMs) from a microSD card.

Check out a trailer for Star Fox EX below.

Star Fox EX is a heavily modified version of the original Star Fox. The Star Fox Team is back, but must fight for its right to exist. The Mario Bros. decided to purge the Star Fox franchise from the Nintendo Universe and aims to destroy the Lylat System, Fox Team’s home. With the help of characters from more popular Nintendo franchises and the infamous Star Wolf Team, the crew has a world-ending fight on its hands.

The modified ROM is designed to take advantage of the Super NES hardware and its SuperFX chipset, adding features like a new map with 17 additional levels, new bosses, music, enemies, and backgrounds. Star Fox EX includes a pre-game menu to set up game customization options, and supports multiplayer with up to five people. It also can lock control of AI teammates to a single player. Graphical options like grid lines, alternate color palettes, wireframe display, and customizable ships and crosshairs add additional functionality. Players who own some original SNES peripherals like the SNES Mouse, the Super Scope, the NTT Data Pad, or a Multi-Tap, can also use them to play.

Star Fox EX is available at Star Fox 2 is playable on the Nintendo Switch Online service’s SNES library and the Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

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