Star Ocean 5 Will Have More Of A Star Ocean 3 Vibe To It

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Square Enix and tri-Ace are working together again on the latest installment of the Star Ocean series. In addition to some details on the main characters and battle system, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine also has some quotes from the game’s developers. [Thanks, Hachima]


With the thought of putting my life into Star Ocean, I decided to change my position to producer (having previously been in charge of advertisement until now),” said producer Suichi Kobayashi. “I want to color Star Ocean 5 with the essence of Star Ocean 3.”


As far as the subtitle of “Integrity and Faithlessnessgoes, lead programmer Yoshiharu Gotonda said that it has multiple meanings, and you’ll get a better understanding of it by playing it until the very end.


Kobayashi added, “This time around, we wanted to give the longtime fans of the series a sense of reassurance, so we had the title logo designed similarly to that of Star Ocean 3.”


“The basics of the battles will be similar to those of past titles, where you’ll control a character and aim for a target for a one-on-one battle,” said director Hiroshi Ogawa. “On the other hand, boss fights will be a little different from the regular battles, where all the party members will fight the boss in a different way.”


When asked about the future of the series, Kobayashi stated that he’d like to see the series keep going. In addition to making more for the fans of the series, he’s aiming to make a complete title that newer fans can enjoy, too.


During the interview, it was revealed that Star Ocean 5 is in development using the PlayStation 3 version as a base, while development on the PlayStation 4 version progresses alongside. The team is currently thinking about doing something with the PS4’s Share function.


“We’re not thinking about DLC that concerns the game’s story, or anything along the lines of having a ‘complete version’,” said Kobayashi. “Our true intention is the least amount possible, when it comes to things that might upset fans.”


Star Ocean 5 is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Its progress is currently at about 30%.


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