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Star Ocean 5’s Latest Screenshots And Details On The Torekur Kingdom And Party Skills



Square Enix recently shared a big batch of screenshots for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness in addition to details on Party Skills and more. 4Gamer provides a look at the latest on the RPG.


Torekur Kingdom:


004 003

Torekur Kingdom isn’t as blessed as the Reslia Kingdom, as it is mostly covered in desert and and infertile soil. For this reason, Torekur always saw Reslia as a desirable land, and have fought many times in the past over land. They’re currently at war for the same reason.



006 005


East Torekur is a border town located on the very far-east of the kingdom. Beyond that is the West Dakarf mountain range that sits between Torekur and Reslia Kingdom. Since there’s been feud over land in the past, this border town has seen some of the worst of it, and it’s noticeable in its gloomy atmosphere compared to the towns in Reslia just on the other side.


Again, since it’s the border town that is practically centered in the war zone, they have plenty of battle positions and armaments in town. You can say that the place has the atmosphere that is expected from a frontline town.



To give you a better idea on the situation, Fidel, Miki, and Victor are from the Reslia Kingdom in the middle. To the left is Torekur in red, and Landock Kingdom, the land where Fiore is from, is allied with Reslia.


010 009



From gathering skills and search-type skills that are useful while out in the fields, to playful skills such as emotion and oracle, there are numerous skills available in the game. There are some that automatically active its effects upon learning and others that must be activated by the player.



013 016

Gathering-type Party Skills automatically activate, and increasing its skill level adds to the item acquisition rate. Plants and other gathering items are shown on the mini-map.




014 015


Same goes for gathering skills.



022  017

Drop-type Party Skills also activate automatically, and increasing its skill level adds to the item drop rates. For example, “Human Knowledge” increases item drop rates from defeating humanoid-type enemies.







021 020


They also have one for beast-type enemies and more.



027 025


Search-type Party Skills are also passive skills. “Enemy Search” shows enemy locations on the mini-map.



028 026


“Treasure Search” shows treasure chests on the map.


030 031

Next are the voluntary action skills. Leveling its skills can add to its effects and movement. “Emotion” lets you do different poses with Fidel on the field or even during event scenes.


029 032

“Oracle” brings out the Oracle God for a divine message (hints for your journey).


033 034


The above is a look at some of the Private Actions.



Here are some moves by Victor, starting with Reserve Rush (super special skill) & Guard Counter:


037 038

The Reserve Rush “Uraouka Sakkou” dishes out multiple attacks as part of a combo skill.




His “Kagebarai” Guard Counter does a swift low attack when enemies get close.


Star Ocean: Faithlessness and Integrity will release in Japan on March 31, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is headed westward in 2016.

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