Star Ocean: Anamnesis’ Latest Multiplayer Footage Looks Pretty Intense



Square Enix recently showcased the latest gameplay footage for Star Ocean: Anamnesis, giving us a look at some missions and multiplayer action with its all-star cast of Star Ocean characters.


The first video is a look at a regular mission, where the player puts together a proper party that consists of a father-and-son combo of Fidel and Faril Camuze. Combos can be done with regular attacks by simply tapping the screen anywhere.


The bottom-right part of the screen shows its battle skills that you can set for each character. You’ll gain new ones as you level up. The fight then goes into a boss battle, where we get a demonstration of how you’ll get to switch characters in real-time just by touching their icons. You can also use friend characters to control characters that you don’t have.


By connecting combos, you’ll see the character profiles glow, as we see with Daril and Miki at 1:55. This allows for a Rush Combo, meaning that the Rush Gauge has filled up. As an interesting side note, you’ll see the appearance of weapons change as you switch them up for them up for the characters.


The next one is a multiplayer video, where we see the main player play as Cliff Fittir from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time tag up with Fidel and others. After beating the small-fry enemies, we get to see a boss fight where things get a little more intense.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis launches in Japan in 2016 for Android and iOS.

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