Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tops 3 Million Downloads



Star Ocean: Anamnesis released earlier this month in Japan, and the series’ all-star mobile game appears to be doing well for Square Enix, as it has topped 3 million downloads, the company announced.



The above is a look at an illustration by Enami Katsumi, commemorating the milestone for the smartphone game.


In celebration of the achievement, the game began a 3 million downloads commemoration festival, where players will have until January 5, 2017 to try out 10 free gacha rolls that feature 5 ace-tier characters, including new ones. All characters in the special gatcha are powered-up versions as well.


Additionally, players will get a variety of experience points material for a daily login bonus through January 6 as part of the 3 million downloads campaign.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis is available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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