Star Ocean Developer tri-Ace is Hiring 3D VFX Artists

tri-ace 3D VFX artists

Developer tri-Ace is hiring 3D VFX artists. Information regarding the job listing appeared on Twitter, and was then circulated by Japanese Twitter accounts. The developer is currently looking for artists interested in developing titles for next-generation consoles. [Thanks, @Renka_Schedule!]

The website for recruitment can be found on the tri-Ace and Green Japan website. The website link for Green Japan states that tri-Ace is looking for a 3D VFX artist. The developer mentions that it is explicitly looking for those interested in bringing a “new” and “interesting” experience to players through games.

Additionally, there is mention of an in-house game engine that developers will be using. The tri-Ace hiring site also requests applicants must be experienced in creating titles and speaking Japanese. That being said, no further information regarding the posting or any related game projects has been revealed.

tri-Ace has developed more than a handful of titles since it was formed in 1995. This has included the Star Ocean series, Resonance of Fate, and titles like Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. The founders of tri-Ace started the company after leaving Wolfteam, the developer of Tales of Phantasia. The studio has also worked on titles like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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