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Star Ocean: First Departure R Will Launch Worldwide On December 5, 2019




Square Enix has just confirmed a release date for Star Ocean: First Departure R’s worldwide release. It will appear on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 outside of Japan on December 5, 2019. This means it will be receiving a simultaneous worldwide release.


Star Ocean: First Departure R will include both Japanese and English voice acting. Square Enix noted that the PSP version’s voice acting will be available, as well as a new recording with the Jpaanese cast from the Super Famciom version. It also will have a speed mode, be rebalanced, and have new character art.


Here is the first Star Ocean: First Departure R promotional trailer.


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Star Ocean: First Departure R will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 worldwide on December 5, 2019. You can catch new Tokyo Game Show 2019 screenshots here.

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