As Chucklefish previously promised, the big “Winter Update” for sandbox adventure Starbound has arrived. It’s the first stable update for the game since March 2014.


This is a huge update so we won’t go over it all here. If you do want a big list of additions and changes to scroll down, though, then you should head over to the big list on the Chucklefish blog.


Some of the highlights include a new playable race called Novakids, a kind of Wild West bandit, which come with their own unique progression of armor sets, craftable guns and ship upgrades.


Player ships now come with an AI that not only speaks to you but gives you access to techs, missions, the 3D printer, and some ship-related commands. The universe now has an Outpost, which is where you can go to find quests, missions, and ship upgrades from the shops and other services stationed there.


New large flying and aquatic monsters have been added, new unique weapons and defense turrets, you can wire lights to switches now, you can catch bugs in a net, and techs are split into head, body, legs and suit.

Chris Priestman

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