Starbound’s Latest Update Lets You Keep Ship Pets, Adds Slime Caves



Chucklefish has rolled out another stable update for its sci-fi sandbox adventure Starbound that adds a bunch of new features.


First off, there are now Planet Bookmarks, meaning that you can save a planet’s location in the cockpit interface once it has been found. Related to this comes a warning, as the “Home” planet feature has now been replaced with these Bookmarks, meaning that existing characters have lost their home planets. “Make sure to write down your home planet’s coordinates or leave your ship in orbit so that you don’t lose track of its location,” writes Chucklefish.


In tandem with the Bookmarks there are now Teleporters that can be installed on a planet’s surface. You can add a list of registered destinations to the Teleporter for easier travelling between them. To construct Teleporters you’ll need to find Teleporter Cores, or you can buy them from the Outpost store – existing Teleporters can be broke to get their Teleporter Core back.


Moving on, you can now keep pets on your ship. In fact, your ship should have one that corresponds to your character’s race after the update has been installed. You can feed and develop their preferences while they investigate held items and ship objects. The Telemart now sells a food bowl, pet house, and pet ball so you can keep your new companion happy.



There are two new environments to check out with this update too. There’s a new location called The Ark, which is an ancient ruin accessibly by the Ancient Gates, and that gives “a few clues about Starbound’s overarching plot,” apparently. Then there’s the new Slime Caves biome, which is a radioactive world doused in green, and that houses unique items and a new furniture set.


There are other less significant changes that have also arrived in this new update and that you can check out in the full change log on the Starbound website.

Chris Priestman