Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Begins On PCs




People with the PC version of Stardew Valley can now opt into the multiplayer beta. It is immediately available on Steam and will come to GOG in a few days. The official blog offers instructions going over how to get into the beta on Steam and start playing with friends. It also cautions people, telling them to back up their save files before installing the 1.3 beta patch, noting that 1.3 beta saves can not be used with 1.2 and warning them to remove mods before grabbing this patch.


To get into the beta on Steam, you need to right click on Stardew Valley to bring up properties and select the betas tab. Put in the “jumpingjunimos” beta access code and then opt into the beta.


If someone starts a new Stardew Valley file, they will be able to choose how many starting cabins for multiplayer will appear, determine their layout and dictate the profit margin level. If you open an old save file, you have have Robin build up to three cabins on your farm for 10 stone and 100g each. When you have cabins, you can choose co-op from the title screen and offer to host using the save file that has cabins. You can have friends-only and invite only server options, accept IP connections for people on LAN to join even when you are not signed into Steam or GOG, it is possible to use the offline option to get rid of other people and you can enable or disable new character creation.


A few other notes about multiplayer Stardew Valley games come up in this alert. Marriage between players is available, and you need to get a wedding ring and click on a character to make it happen. You can not pause a multiplayer game. All players have to agree to sleep for the night or enter a festival location for it to start. The farm, available money and world updates are shared, player characters’ relationships and skills are separate, and the inventory are separate, but offline players’ inventories can be accessed.


Stardew Valley is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Jenni Lada
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