Stardew Valley Is One Of The Top Three Sellers On Steam

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Tending a farm, harvesting crops, and becoming a part of the community is one of the most popular activities on Steam right now thanks to the release of country life RPG Stardew Valley.




Inspired by Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley hands players an inherited farm, some old tools, and a few coins to start a life in the country. From there, it’s up to the player to raise animals, grow crops, or plant an orchard within the spaces they clear of overgrowth themselves.




Life isn’t just limited to your fields. Players can also head out to go fishing, explore a cave and fend off the creatures that live inside it, or just go forage in the woods. Doing any activity will also reward the player with experience, helping them grow stronger in skills like fishing, farming, or mining.




Players can work to customize their living space as well, setting up their own furniture. Should they want to, they can also head into town and work to improve the city as well, maybe meeting some new friends from the game’s 30 NPCs when they do. Of those, 10 are available for courting regardless of the player’s gender, so they can settle down and start a family with any of them.




Players will be able to craft items, machines, and cook recipes out of all of the things they’ve been harvesting. Farm tools, food that improves speed, and many more items can be built by the player.

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