Stardew Valley Will Itch That Harvest Moon Scratch On February 27th


Publisher Chucklefish and developer ConcernedApe have announced that the Harvest Moon-like country life RPG Stardew Valley will be out for PC on February 27th. There’s a launch trailer you can watch above.


Stardew Valley begins with you inheriting your grandfather’s farm and then throws you into an open-ended adventure. You’ll have to make a living by turning the run-down old farm into a lively place where you grow and sell crop and deal in livestock.


But other than the obvious challenges of farming are bigger ones that concern the entirety of the village. Joja Corporation recently moved in and have sapped the village of life. You’ll need to work to breathe life back into the locals if you’re to succeed.


Stardew Valley lets you customize your character and home, romance villagers and marry them, craft items, go fishing, and cook. You can also explore the nearby lands and head into dangerous caves for new resources and rewards if you can fight through the monsters.


You can find out more about Stardew Valley on its website and Steam page.

Chris Priestman