Stardew Valley’s Save Editor And Inventory Manager Is A Helpful App

Stardew Valley is a huge game. There’s so much to do, and it’s easy for someone to invest upwards of 30 hours without getting through some of the game’s objectives. Maybe you have school or a job, which keeps you from investing the time necessary to get your farm to that legendary status. Perhaps you built up your farm, but aren’t pleased with the current layout. Etsmsj, with help from MidgetMan and BigBoot have put together a Stardew Valley Save Editor that allows you to adjust your stats, manage your inventory fix up your farm’s map, check on animals, and adjust recipes.

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The first screen that pops up when using the Stardew Valley Save Editor is a character stat management screen. Here you can change character and farm names, adjust how much money or how many Club Coins you have. You can also tweak your character’s health, stamina, attack, resilience, immunity, and speed stats, as well as their attack, critical chance, magnetic radius, knockback, weapon speed, critical power, weapon precision, invincibility time, and mine level. Clicking the paintbrush and palette will let you change your character’s hairstyle, hair color, clothing, skin color, eye color, and pant color. You can also decide on unlocks by clicking the lock, giving your character items like a Skull Key, Rusty Key, or a Club Card.


The inventory editor lets you adjust what your character is holding and has in chests. You can choose which items to put in your inventory, with the ability to determine quality for crops and animal products. The same goes for chests and storage spaces like the fridge. You can see what you have on hand immediately or add new items.


stardew valley save editor What I use the Stardew Valley Save Editor for most is the farm manager. It’s a basic map editor. You can see a full overview of your farm and move placed items. You can’t suddenly spawn new items when using this part of the editor. It’s more about adjusting what’s already there and deleting items that may be in the way. Someone who needs to clear a field, but doesn’t want to spend the time actually clearing it, can highlight an area with the mouse and press delete to instantly get some work done. If you placed buildings like a coop or barn and decide it isn’t in the right place, you can rearrange it here. It’s also handy for getting a good picture of your homestead or to think about what you might want to do next.


The Stardew Valley Save Editor is constantly being updated. There have been three major additions as of late. The recipe editors are new. You can go through and add any food or crafting recipes you don’t already have to your repertoire. While I wouldn’t see any problems arising from food recipes being added in or taken away, you may want to be cautious with crafting recipes since those come from leveling up. There’s also a new page for adjusting animal affection levels and changing their names. You can also switch between a cat and dog on this page.


People who want to give it a try can find the Stardew Valley Save Editor in the game’s official forum. Someone can download the base version of the editor, install it, and begin tweaking their saves. Since it is still in-progress, backing up all save files is recommended. They can be found in C:\Users\[Insert User Name Here]\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves. Save a copy of the entire folder to another area, just in case. (It should be the character’s name with a string of numbers behind it. Mine was Jenni_117353392.) It updates frequently, and some of the planned additions include an option to change gender, add accessories and facial hair and hats, and perhaps offer an expanded map editor.


Stardew Valley is immediately available for Windows PCs.

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