Stardust Galaxy Warriors Is A Mech Shooter You Can Play With Friends

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The team creating Stardust Galaxy Warriors says that its main aim is to deliver a superb couch co-op experience by taking out all of the grind.


“No need to play for hours to unlock the most fun weapons or game modes. We want you to try the game, go visit a friend and install it without having to grind through any features,” the team says.


Stardust Galaxy Warriors is a shooter in which you and up to three friends get to be a mech flying through space blowing up drones and robots with your superior firepower.



These mechs are completely customizable and upgradeable, with new abilities and weapons available, including shard launchers, particle beams, and cluster missiles.


It also offers a number of customizable game modes that you can tweak to match the mood you’re in. Perhaps you just want to see some explosions so you can turn the enemy durability down while tripling the enemy amount, for example.


The game modes are an endless high-score chasing Gauntlet, a 10-level Campaign with unique enemies and bosses, and a Challenge Mode.


Stardust Galaxy Warriors is on Steam Greenlight.  More information is available on the game’s website.

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