Starly Girls To End Service For Smartphones On July 27, But A Console Game Is Still In The Works



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The “next-generation space training simulation game with Star Girls and G-Gears,” Starly Girls, launched for smartphone back in December 2016, and publisher Kadokawa announced that it’ll end its service on July 27, 2018.


In Kadokawa’s service termination announcement the company states that it put efforts into planning in-game events, game system improvements, and more to improve its service for the players. However, as a result of many obstacles to keep a satisfactory experience for the players, and considering other recent smartphopne games,the company decided it best to end the service of Starly Girls.


The development team deeply apologizes for ending the game this way and thank the many players for their support.


The game is no longer available to download for iOS and Android, and its service will terminate on July 27, 2018.


For fans of Starly Girls, it won’t be the end for the franchise, as it also has a strategy RPG project that is being developed for consoles. We haven’t heard about the project since October 2017, but we got a message from the series’ official Twitter account with an apology and thank you note for the fans along with an update saying they’re working hard on the development for the console title.


A Starly Girls anime is also expected to air sometime in 2018.


Starly Girls: Episode Starsia launched in Japan on December 9, 2016 for iOS and Android. You can check out more including a gameplay trailer in our previous report.

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