Starwing Paradox Teaser Trailer Shows Off Its Flashy Mecha Gameplay For Arcade



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Starwing Paradox, the new project by Evangelion character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is getting an arcade game that mixes MOBA elements with high-speed mecha action.


Here’s a look at a new video from Square Enix that teases some of its gameplay:


The game runs an 8v8 system where the objective is to take over the enemy base and defeat the “Ae Grande,” a powerful enemy that guards the core. The first team to do so first is the winner. The game has some MOBA elements as far as rules go, but the gameplay is a lot different than what you’d expect from one, with flashy battles with mechas.


You can read more details about the game here as well as a look at its characters in an animated video here.


Starwing Paradox launches for Japanese arcades in Fall 2018.

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