Starwing Paradox’s Animated Trailer Shows Its Mecha And Characters Reminiscent Of Evangelion

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Square Enix announced that it is working on an 8v8 arcade game for Starwing Paradox, a new project led by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, one of the founding members of Gainax who worked on Neon Genesis Evangelion and .hack series.


Here’s a look at a new animated trailer for the game:

In Starwing Paradox you partner with beings known as “Az-One” from a different planet. Together, you’ll pilot a giant weapon known as “Ae Rial” and participate in 8v8 team action battles. The victors are decided by the side that can destroy the core located on the far end of the opposing team’s base. In order to get to the enemy core, you’ll have to spend a certain amount of time on a “Port” located on the enemy base. Once you reach the core, you’ll have to defeat a powerful enemy known as “Ae Grande.”


The game’s rules sound kind of like a MOBA where the objective is to take over the enemy base, but it has 8v8 battles and might come with an option for more depending on how development goes. The game will have you control a mecha for battles with gameplay that appears to be more action-focused than your traditional MOBA games.


You can check out plenty more details and its first screenshots in our previous report.


Starwing Paradox launches for Japanese arcades in Fall 2018.

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