Stay Classy and Safe at the Same Time With Super Mario Mustache Masks


Sanei Boeki, a Japanese company that partially specializes in video game character-related products, is re-releasing its line of reusable Super Mario face masks. As you might imagine, they make the person wearing them look a little like Mario. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The biggest feature of the Super Mario face mask is Mario’s round nose and mustache, letting you show your love for the most iconic video game character. (Which might be especially handy, as it is Mario’s 35th anniversary in 2020.) That said, it should be noted that the face mask is more fashion-oriented, rather than focusing on safety. The mask is only 13cm wide and 9cm high, which means it’s the right size for kids who might dislike wearing regular face masks, but it might be slightly small for adults. The mask is made out of 100% cotton gauze.

Currently, the mask is set to be re-released in late July 2020 and will cost 500 yen. Currently, Sanei has yet to open an online product page for the mask, but you can visit the official website.

The masks aren’t the only Super Mario series-related products set to be released this year. There will also be a Lego set featuring an interactive Mario. The Lego set will also have additional power-ups, like Fire and Cat Mario, which you can read about here.

Alistair Wong
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