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Stealth Is A Handy Tool In Metroidvania The Crown Stones: Mirrah


The Crown Stones: Mirrah follows an amnesiac protagonist through an exploration of the realm of the dead, but aggressively attacking the enemies there might not always be the best plan. In this Metroidvania, stealth can be a helpful tool to deal with enemies as well.


Rivail, who happened to be the worst member of the Nephalins’ Order, is sent to the realm of the dead in order to seek out a missing member of the order. To do so, his other order members had to beat him into a near-death state, which unfortunately leaves him without his memories, stranded in a dead realm filled with monsters, gore, and death.

Players of the various GBA/DS Castlevania titles will be comfortable with The Crown Stones: Mirrah’s combat system, which allows them to use various weapons against the undead creatures they find in these areas. This game adds some additional challenge through the use of a stamina bar that drains from player actions, which will force players to carefully consider how they approach a fight. Players can also hide amongst the dead bodies and other pieces of cover, though, which may help them mitigate stamina loss or just sneak up on an enemy.

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As players defeat enemies, they will also fill up a Rage bar, which, when full, will let players use more powerful attacks, as well as use abilities based on equippable chakras. This will become especially useful the deeper Rivail goes into the underworld, as things will only become more gruesome, and the enemies more dangerous, the further down he goes.

The Crown Stones: Mirrah is currently raising development funds for the game. It is currently slated for PC, but with hopes to release on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch depending on how successful it is.

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