Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition Delayed One Week to June 16

Steam Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition event, hosted by Geoff Keighley and Steam has been pushed back to June 16, 2020 from its original June 9, 2020 date. Meanwhile, the event will now end on June 22, 2020 rather than June 14, meaning that the event will actually be taking place over a longer period of time when compared to its original dates. While Keighley and Valve did not expand on the reasons behind the delay, it’s very likely that this is due to events happening in both the US and globally, such as COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Originally, The Game Festival was held in late 2019. The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition was organized to take place during the usual E3 period, as the event itself was canceled due to coronavirus concerns. One of the reasons it was organized was to help out developers affected by the cancellation of Game Developers Conference 2020. While The Game Festival is mainly for PCs, Keighley said that the Festival would be expanded to other platforms as well.

This event is only one part of Summer Game Fest 2020, a season’s worth of gaming reveals and streams detailing new game information, to make up for the lack of gaming shows this whole year.

Alistair Wong
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