Steel Strider Is Here To Deliver Your Mech-Based Run-‘N’-Gun Needs


Nyu Media has published Japanese developer Astro Port’s sequel to Gigantic Army and mech-based run-‘n’-gun action game Steel Strider on Steam. It’s available for Windows at $5.99.


Steel Strider has  you playing as an operative for a peace-keeping organization called Argo Express. They go where the galactic military can’t and specialize in taking down large-scale criminal operations that have defense squads the size of small armies.


Fortunately, at your disposal is a Gemini-class MCR (Manned Combat Robot), which is code for mech with big guns, basically. You charge across the game’s four planets and shoot up everything that’s metal and moves, including each mid-level and end-level boss.


But you can’t fully charge in blasting away as you’ll need to make use of the MCR’s jetpack to out-maneuver your enemies, dodging their bullets and swipes, before sending your own firepower back at them.


Steel Strider has four difficulty modes, eight upgradeable weapons, keyboard and mouse controls as well as controller options, achievements, and online leaderboards.

Chris Priestman