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Steins Gate Android Receives Global Localizations

Steins Gate Android

All things considered, Steins;Gate is one of the more widely available Japanese adventure games you can find localized into English. In various forms, it’s on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch (though as an altered “Elite” edition), and even defunct platforms like the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s even on iOS, and as of this month, Steins;Gate is on Android in English as well. As of late August, Steins Gate android was updated in various app stores (including Huawei’s Asia-centric AppGallery) to add localized languages. Previously, the game was playable only in Japanese by default [Thanks, Gamer and NoisyPixel!].

The localized edition of Steins Gate on Android now sports the English script option. It matches that seen in the PC version, which JAST licensed and localized in 2014. Science Adventure series fan site Kiri Kiri Basara gave the app a test and found some performance issues with it compared to other platforms. Issues like unexplained drops in framerate, a lack of support for text-wrapping, and climbs in device temperature raised their heads. The Steins;Gate android edition is, however, freemium. An interested player can download the app for free and play through the prologue, trying it before committing to a full purchase of the rest of the game.

Steins;Gate is available on PS Vita, PS3, PC, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. On Nintendo Switch and PS4 it’s available as Steins;Gate Elite.

Josh Tolentino
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