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Stella Glow Demonstrates A Couple Powerful Song Magic Abilities



The heroines of Stella Glow will help out the protagonist Alto restore the world from the curse by the Witch of Destruction Hilda, using powerful Song Magic. In the latest videos of the game, we get a glimpse of just how their abilities will come in handy during combat.



If you just watch the beginning of the above video, you might be confused as to why Alto appears to be stabbing the chest of one of the heroines, Popo, with a knife, and why she’s shown in a strange area with wind flowing around her.


Well, in Stella Glow, Song Magic plays a big role in the story and battle system; however, these heroines won’t simply have access to it from the start. In order for them to be able to use it, Alto will need to “unlock” it. Song Magic is simply unlocked by diving inside the hearts of the witches, and taking out a beast within them. Upon slaying the said beast, you’ll get to use the heroine’s Song Magic, and even awaken their goddess forms.


In the above video, we get to see Popo activate her Song Magic, which basically disables all the enemies on the entire field from taking any kind of action, and it sounds like it could come in very handy when you’re outnumbered.



Meanwhile, Risette’s video starts out in a similar way with Alto diving into her heart. Popo is considered the Witch of Wind, and as you might be able to tell from the footage, Risette is the Witch of Water. Her Song Magic cures and recovers SP of all allies on the battlefield.


Stella Glow will release in Japan on June 4, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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