Stop Ancient Horrors With A Car & A Gun In Howard Phillips Lovecar



Cultists are summoning the Great Old Ones, and it’s up to the player’s careful driving and aiming to keep them from doing so in Howard Phillips Lovecar.




Players are tasked with driving their car through groups of cultists, killing them quickly to keep them from completing their summoning spells. They also have access to a tommy gun and shotgun to help take out any remaining cultists they don’t hit with their car. Should they fail to stop the summoning, they’ll be forced to deal with a manifestation of the Great Old Ones. These large monsters need to be avoided using careful, but fast, driving, weaving around the creatures while the player takes shots at them.


Players will be scored based on how many cultists they can run over and how many Great Old Ones they can take down, getting combo multipliers should they be able to do all of this without much of a break in between kills.




Howard Phillips Lovecar is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, with a demo available to try on

Alistair Wong
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