Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before… A Bear Walks Into An Art Store…



OK before anyone throws a brick in my face (Extra points again for first to comments on where that in-joke hails from) for leading you in here with that kind of headline, hear me out.


We’ve discovered that Halfbrick, the developers behind stupidly popular games such as Raskulls, Fruit Ninja and surprisingly good Jetpack Joyride have filed a trademark for a mysterious new game called, wait for it… Bears Vs. Art. The trademark has been filed as software for smartphones, PC’s, handhelds and consoles.


Since it hasn’t even been officially announced by Halfbrick, we don’t know anything about it. However, the possibilities are endless with this one. Sentient Bears? Perhaps right now you’re getting horrible, horrible flashbacks to Warhammer Online and its infamous “Bears Bears Bears” video? We’ll make up for it with this legend of a bear below.



Also, if you think something like a bear walking into a store is the best setup for a corny joke, you might want to check this clip out too.


Because, you  know, BEARS.