Story of Seasons Mobile Announced by Tencent

Story of Seasons Mobile

A new Story of Seasons title in currently in development at Tencent’s NExT studio. This entry in the Story of Seasons series will release on mobile devices. Marvelous authorized the project, however in what capacity they could potentially oversee the mobile game has yet to be revealed. The game has been in development since 2019. [Thanks, ZhugeEx!]

To accompany the announcement, Tencent’s NExT studio released a trailer. This video was reuploaded to Twitter by Daniel “ZhugeEx” Ahmad. Players will be able to engage in a variety of activities. This includes the option to fish, raise livestock, and of course farm. Night and day cycles will exist in the game, as shown in the trailer with changing environments. You can watch the Story of Seasons mobile trailer below.

As mentioned previously, the title has been in development since 2019. In May 2020, Tencent became the largest shareholder for developer and publisher Marvelous. During the announcement, Marvelous released a statement revealing that the partnership came to fruition so that it could develop more games. Additionally, Marvelous mentioned that it would create and release new titles within the next three years with those funds. However, there is currently no word whether the title will be released in markets outside of China.

Story of Seasons Mobile is currently in development for Android and iOS devices.

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