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Strange Journey Redux’s New Dungeon Is Great For Grinding



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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is one of those Nintendo DS to Nintendo 3DS ports that adds just a little bit extra to make things more interesting and add to gameplay. One of the biggest draws here is the Womb of Grief. This is a new, multi-level dungeon that is mostly there to give people a way to unlock three new endings for the game. But while you are working toward that goal and attempting to determine which route is right for you, it also serves as a pretty great way to help build up your party.


Access to Strange Journey Redux’s Womb of Grief arrives fairly quickly. Not long after making the jump to a new section, Bootes, players will encounter the new heroine, Alex. After this interaction, you find yourself in the Womb of Grief with Demeter. Here, you are supposed to help her with her harvest by getting fragments from specific fights. But I feel like this area is one of the best places for grinding in the game.



The Womb of Grief has a layout that is conducive to walking in circles. The very first floor, for example, has a number of paths that automatically move you along a route. Later floors have rather creative layouts that force you to think when you move around to successfully find your way. This means lots of backtracking and trial-and-error, which in turn leads to plenty of encounters. Even though I was already quite familiar with the maps of Strange Journey Redux, due to my experience with the original game, it seemed like Womb of Grief is helping you prepare for different elements and situations and is testing what you know so you can handle other dungeons more effectively. The constant traipsing about means finding more Forma through Forma Search.


The right sub apps can make Womb of Grief even better for grinding. Having the Relax Spray sub app developed before that means it will be easier to recruit characters while you are in this area, which is great since you end up seeing a lot of great foes here. Especially after you get the correct unlocks to make it possible to progress further in this area. Lunatic is another good idea, so you can talk during the Full Moon. Enemy Banish is my favorite to use here, as it makes sure you only encounter foes within range of your level. It meant I would get as much experience as possible, as well has have chances to find better demons for fusion fodder.



Demonee-Ho is perhaps the best part for Womb of Grief visitors looking to level up. This is a NPC that gives you a chance to get lots of experience and some helpful items. He appears on each floor of this dungeon. Once you reach him, he will give you a battle challenge to survive. For example, the first task is to put together a party that has no demons with healing skills. You then have to face some extra-strong Slimes. When you win, you get enough experience to probably boost you up at least one level, maybe even two. You also get a helpful item. He then heads to the next floor, which means each time you get the necessary unlock keys and means of progressing, Demonee-ho is there to help.


The Womb of Grief dungeon does some interesting things in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. It gives us a method of earning new endings, of course. But, it also provides a new area with interesting layouts that gives us opportunities to wander around, engage in battles with demons that will increase our levels and bolster our ranks. Plus, Demonee-ho is a valuable way to get even more experience and useful items, so long as we can prove ourselves in a fight. It’s quite a helpful place to be.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is available for the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Japan. It will be released in Europe on May 18, 2018.

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