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The Stranger of the Village of the Sword Has A Neat Loot-Grabbing Trap System


    Demon Gaze developer Experience are currently working on a new first-person dungeon RPG called The Stranger of the Village of the Sword for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita. In a recent update, they provided a look at a neat “Ambush” feature that allows you to set traps for loot in the dungeons.


    Here’s how it works:


    Certain spaces in the dungeon will allow you to use your morale points to set up an “Ambush”. You can also stack the Ambush, but it’ll increase the cost of morale points.


    Once a monster steps into the Ambush space, it’ll guarantee a treasure drop. These drops will also indicate what kind of loot you’ll get, so it’ll be worth checking out before the fight to see if it’s something you’d actually want.


    The Ambush can be used up to five times, so you’ll be able to choose various items per Ambush. However, there’s also a risk if you keep waiting for the items you want, as it’ll leave you open to being noticed by monsters, followed up by a surprise attack.


    If you can manage to take out the enemy leader on time, you’ll be able to acquire the treasure content safely; however, these treasures may occasionally be set with traps that damage your entire party and other ill-effects, so you’ll also want to be careful of that, as well.


    Next, here’s a look at some of the key areas at the base, where you’ll be spending most of your time when you’re not taking on dungeons.


    The corridor is where you’ll be saving your progress and loading your game. It’s part of the guild’s doorway that leads to all the other facilities.


    The residential area is where you’ll be going to resurrect fallen comrades and recovering your health. This will be split between a costly and immediate treatment, or a cheaper but lengthy hospitalization.



    In the commander’s room, you’ll be registering and managing your friends. You’ll also be changing jobs here.


    Finally, the shop is where you’ll be buying equipment and various other items. This place also lets you store your gear.


    The Stranger of the Village of the Sword is slated for release on Xbox 360 on June 5, PC on August 22, and later this year for PlayStation Vita.

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