Strategy Is Your Only Hope During Our Darkest Night’s Home Invasions



Our Darkest Night sets players in a much darker version of Home Alone as they guide a group of survivors around their house during a home invasion, setting traps, attacking criminals, or planning their escape.


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Sandbox action survival game Our Darkest Night gives players limited means to deal with their attackers. They’ll have to concoct several means to defeat the unpredictable killers that have entered their home through escape, fighting back, or acquiring outside help.


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Players can set each of the characters on color-coded paths, using their unique abilities to craft weapons, pick locks, contact help, and find better equipment or larger stores of ammo. These abilities can be unlocked over play, with players choosing which abilities best suit their current tactic. They’ll need to take care as they move through the house, though, as, without the right abilities, they will not know where the killer is until they stumble across them.


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Our Darkest Night is set to release in December of this year and is currently seeking Greenlight votes.

Alistair Wong
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