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Stray Will Take 8 Hours to Finish, Won’t Have Customization


Annapurna Interactive has tweeted some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the upcoming Stray game. Some of the information includes the price, as well as the length of the game. There will also be a physical version of the game coming out for the PlayStation 5, though the release window and pricing are unknown.

The digital version of the game will cost $29.99. Annapurna Interactive is working with video game company iam8bit on the physical PS5 version of the game. It is unclear if the physical copy will have a different price from the digital one. The physical copy will come with six art cards though.

In total, Stray will take about 8 hours to complete. However, if you wish to find and pick up all the collectibles, it would take you longer. You will also not be able to customize the cat itself, as this is not the story of any random stray cat.

Stray will have the player control a normal cat who can use a cat’s natural agility and physical abilities to explore a dystopian future city. The city does have enemies such as robots that you have to avoid, but you do have a drone called B12 to help you on your journey. There is both a gameplay trailer and walkthrough online for more information on how Stray will play.

Stray is in development and will come out on July 19, 2022, for the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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