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Street Fighter 6 is Experiencing Custom Room Issues (Update)

Street Fighter 6 Custom Room Issues
Image via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 is experiencing issues with Custom Rooms. Capcom launched the fighting game today, but some players have found themselves unable to create Custom Rooms. The developer confirmed the issue on Twitter and limited functionality for a while to alleviate problems. Editor’s Note at 3:20pm ET on June 2, 2023: Capcom noted it is still investigating the issue.

However, whatever the issue is, Capcom is working to fix it. Three hours after the announcement Custom Rooms weren’t working, the company confirmed on Twitter that they were back online. However, four hours after this, Capcom disabled them again, confirming that there is still an ongoing issue. It cited server load as a cause for the problem.

Here’s the latest update on the situation regarding Street Fighter 6 Custom Room creation.

It’s not surprising that Street Fighter 6 is experiencing server load issues. Steam stats shared by BenjiSales on Twitter are currently showing that the game’s launch involved a record-breaking number of concurrent players. It has seen a peak of 64,000 players, which beat the highest numbers of every Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken game on Steam combined. Mortal Kombat 11 was the previous record holder, reaching a peak of 35,147, which is roughly half of what Street Fighter 6 achieved on its first day.

Street Fighter 6 is available now for the PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox Series X. There’s no update on when the Custom Room functions could return to normal.

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