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Street Fighter 6 Will Let Players Customize Their Challenge Screen

Street Fighter 6 Challenge Screen Customize

Capcom revealed that players will be able to customize their challenge screens in Street Fighter 6. The feature will allow players to change the portraits and effects that appear before online matches. In a short clip, Capcom showed off a few of the possible combinations for Luke, Ryu, Juri, and others.

The challenge screen appears when players fight in online matches against other players and shows off what character they will be facing. The screen appears to have several elements to customize, including a background with possible animated effects, effect color, and, most importantly, the character portrait. Notably, Capcom stated that players can choose and combine these elements, implying that the customization feature will be optional.

Capcom’s tweet showcasing the feature gives a brief look at a few of the portrait variations. Luke, for example, comes with a default portrait, a key illustration-style portrait, and a retro pixel art-style portrait. Players can then add custom background effects, such as animated flames, stars, or paint splatters. Additionally, as shown in the final collection of challenge screens, players can choose the color of these effects.

You can get a better look at each of the featured Street Fighter 6 customized challenge screens in the screenshots below:

Street Fighter 6 will release for the PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023. The launch roster is expected to include 19 new and returning fighters, including one that players can create themselves. The closed beta test for Street Fighter 6 will start tomorrow, October 7, 2022.


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