Street Fighter: Duel Release Date Announced

Street Fighter Duel

Capcom announced the release date for Street Fighter: Duel, a mobile game set in the Street Fighter universe. Developed by TOPJOY and Tencent Games and localized by Crunchyroll Games, this free-to-play RPG will be launching for iOS and Android on February 28, 2023, with pre-registration currently taking place.

Street Fighter Duel is a casual mobile experience, during which players can collect various fighters from Capcom’s iconic franchise. Over 40 have been confirmed, including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Cammy, Guile, Juri, and M Bison. Gameplay will see players training up their fighters in order to enter them into 3-on-3 battles.

Street Fighter Duel boasts a new story too, with characters traveling the world looking to uncover a conspiracy. For more competitive players, there is also the ability to put your teams up against the teams of other players online.

Pre-registration is open now, with players signing up now gaining bonus amounts of two of the game’s three currencies – cash and gems – along with an avatar frame and a character box. Additional reward tiers will be unlocked if the game receives enough pre-registrations.

For those looking for a more traditional Street Fighter experience, Street Fighter 6 is also set to launch on PC and consoles on June 2, 2023.

The Street Fighter: Duel release date is February 28, 2023. It will launch on the App Store and Google Play.

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