Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Is Capcom USA’s Highest Budget Digital Title

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In a recent “Ask Capcom” video Q&A, Capcom USA’s VP, Christian Svensson, and community manager, Seth Killian, addressed questions from fans about Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. You can find the relevant quotes below:


Sven: You will be deluged with information in about four weeks.


Seth: I think you’re gonna be very, very happy. If you like 3rd Strike, you’ve got nowhere to go but way, way up with this version.


Sven: I’m really excited for it. I hope you guys are half as excited as I am.


Seth: Yeah. We’re pretty juiced. It’s one of those things you sorta have hopes for and you hope it’s gonna turn out a certain way…and then it did.


Sven: Yes, it did.


Seth: I always liken that to that Mad Catz Street Fighter stick. [There was a] vision. “This is what we want it to be; we want it to be really good.” And then it was. And everyone liked it! So that’s kinda how I feel, game-wise, about Street Fighter III Online Edition. It’s exactly what we had [???]. i hope everyone agrees.




Sven: When I look at Street Fighter III, Street Fighter III is currently our highest budget — at least out of this office — the highest budget digital title we’ve done. It’s higher than [Super Street Fighter II Turbo] HD Remix.


We’re trying to raise the bar in a number of ways, no matter what, every time; unless it’s a straight opportunistic play, we’re trying to raise the bar not just for Capcom, but for sort of the sector.




Sven: Somebody’s asking, “A higher budget than HD Remix, even with all the new sprites [for that game]?” yes, Street Fighter III’s budget is higher than HD Remix, even when we had to make all the new sprites for HD Remix.


No release timeframe has been announced for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition yet. Four weeks from now is during E3, which is probably where we’ll hear more about the game.

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