Your mobile phone is the key to customization in Street Fighter IV. When you win fights you get BP and Zenny saved to a physical NESYS card. BP is used to immediately calculate rankings. Zenny allows players to unlock the pictured black dress for Chun Li by spending points through a mobile phone interface. Other items at the Zenny shop include titles and color variations.


Even if you don’t have ample Zenny to spend you’re still rewarded for visiting the cell phone store. Each day you visit the contents shop you get a stamp. Collected stamps can be traded in to customize your mobile phone with ringtones, voice ringtones, and wallpaper. At this time the mobile Zenny shop and Stamp shop are for the Japanese arcade release only. It’s unclear if or how Capcom will bring these features over to North America since there aren’t even any details about a proper arcade release yet.


Images courtesy Famitsu and Capcom.

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