Street Fighter Is Packing A Punch At Taipei Game Show 2016



Siliconera is currently attending the Taipei Game Show 2016, and one of the most noticeable presences at the game show so far is that of Street Fighter. The above image shows an enormous advertisement for Street Fighter V sprawled across the Taipei 101, the largest building in Taipei, located right outside the game show.


Additionally, an ad for Street Fighter: Battle Combination can be found in Ximen, a shopping area. This ad rivals the Street Fighter V one in size, and it seems the card-based game for Android and iOS devices is quite popular in Taiwan.


The last two photos were taken at a video game mall and show a PlayStation 4 advertisement featuring a character created to promote the console in Taiwan. The second picture is an ad for Knights of Valor, a locally-developed PlayStation 4 game made by International Games System.




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