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Street Fighter V’s Cast Adds Kolin




A member of the Illuminati is joining Street Fighter V. Capcom has revealed Kolin will be the game’s next playable character. She’s making her playable debut after first joining the series in Street Fighter III, where she was an NPC who acted as an assistant and secretary to Gill, the Illuminati’s leader. She might look rather familiar to people who have played through Nash’s story mode Street Fighter V, as Kolin appeared there as “Helen.” She and her Story, Nostalgia, and Premium Costumes will be added to the game on February 28, 2017.


Kolin uses Systema, the Russian martial art, and uses ice attacks. Her V-Skill is Inside Slash, a counter that lets her deflect an attack and counter it, and her Diamond Dust V-Trigger has her slamming the ground with her foot to send out icicles that damage an opponent and freeze their stun gauge, as well as possibly freezing the opposing player if the attack stuns them. Frost Tower, her Critical Art, will summon icicles to lift an enemy into the air and damage them, should she hit them with her attack.


Kolin_Story_Costume Kolin_Screen_2 Kolin_Screen_1 Kolin_Nostalgia_Costume Kolin_Battle_Costume


Street Fighter V is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. People will be able to play as Kolin during the Lupe Fiasco Drogas Light Album Launch Party being held on February 15, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

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