Street Fighter V’s Tutorial Mode Shows A Bit Of Ken And Ryu’s Past

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In Capcom’s latest video for Street Fighter V, we get a look at the game’s Tutorial Mode, which comes with a little story of when Ryu and Ken trained together under Gouken.


The little story bit starts out with a young Ryu getting his butt handed to him from master Gouken, who tells him that he won’t be able to find his own “fist” by walking in blindly, and how he must stop and look back at the road he has walked in order to find it. He then tells Ken that he mustn’t slack it, or he’ll fall behind Ryu.


Ken then finds Ryu in a place that helps him focus in his training, who then proceeds to ask for a practice fight in order to get a better idea of what he’s lacking. After the practice fight, which is the tutorial, Ryu says that there’s one more thing that he’d like to try out, followed by some more tutorial material.


Exhausted after all the training, Ken asks his partner if he was able to learn anything from it, to which Ryu responds with “yeah, I learned that I still have a ways to go.”


Street Fighter V will release for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16, 2016.

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