Street Fighter X All Capcom Brings Mammoth 20-On-20 Fights To The Table

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We brought you the awesome card battler for smartphones that Capcom’s rolling out for its 30th anniversary in Street Fighter X All Capcom and more characters have been revealed for the game. There’s some well known ones like Lost Planet and Monster Hunter (You didn’t think Rathalos would miss this, did you?), some slightly more obscure titles like Son Son and those that have the perfect cute look already like Okami.


Additionally, today, Capcom have come out with more details on how the game system works, especially multiplayer.



Every week, players will get split up into teams of 20 and then set to defeat a monster (or possibly a series of monsters) before the other team does so. You’ll win some exclusive goodies if you do and also increase the team’s standing.



What’s unclear right now is the mysterious Support P.  Support P is a set of points that comes from how those 20-on-20 team standings, another mode which has 10-on-10 fights, as well as the story mode will all contribute points to one or more of Capcom’s various series. The series which gets the most points by the end of the week gets the title of No. 1 as you can see in the screenshots above and players who contributed will likely get a reward as well.


We’re not sure if you get to pick the title you want to throw your weight against each week, if that’s randomized, or how those other parts of the system work out just yet. In the following week, the rankings get reset.


Street Fighter X All Capcom will be out for Android and iOS November 19t

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