Remember Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile? That’s out today on iOS devices (iOS 5 or higher), and Capcom are pricing it at $2.99 as a special promotional price. Here’s a trailer, with details of the game below it:



Mobile has a few differences that set it apart from the regular Street Fighter X Tekken game on consoles and PC. In Mobile, while you still get to select two characters, they function as primary and secondary fighters. Your secondary fighter is a helper with no health bar.


Instead, he/she is sort of an enhanced assist character with a timer. If he/she takes damage, the timer runs out faster, and when it depletes entirely, one final hit takes them out of the match temporarily, causing your primary character to switch back in.


Gems and Pandora Mode have been tweaked, too. Each time you hit a launcher, a “gem roulette” triggers and activates a random gem. Finally, Capcom also added the ability to remap the digital buttons. You can line them on the sides of the screen, or mimic the layout of an arcade stick.


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