String Together Big Combos In Cyberpunk Fighter Neon Krieger Yamato

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New York-based studio Lionplex is currently working on its first game Neon Krieger Yamato. It’s a 2D combo-focused brawler with lite puzzle and platform elements mixed in for a bit of variety.


Chiefly, Neon Krieger Yamato is about stringing together combos while fighting enemies in a dangerous cyberpunk-influenced world. You can mash attack buttons together so that punches and kicks flow into one another.


But you can’t stand there punching forever (as much as you may want to) as a deadly wall of red lasers is chasing you, ensuring that you keep moving forward through the industrial facility. To do that, you also need to destroy machines that project laser walls in front of you.



Back in November 2014, Lionplex decided to change the direction it was taking Neon Krieger Yamato in. It wasn’t much of a shift, as the concept was still the same, only there would be eight playable characters and a co-op mode for those that want it.


Each of the characters have their own fighting style so there is now some room for different tactics in beating the game. There’s a boxer, a swordsman, a magic user, one that carries a shield, another that morphs, and also a character that shoots a rifle.



Not only do you get to play as one of these, you now have to face the others as bosses when you get to their home turf and fight your way through it.


So, if you’re into twitch fighters, stringing combos, or generally beating the crap out of anything that moves, consider giving Neon Krieger Yamato a vote on Steam Greenlight. And check out its website for more information and further updates.

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