Suda51 Says He Would Like To Remaster Killer7 And No More Heroes


During this year’s PAX West, Grasshopper Manufacture was present for the upcoming Let It Die as well as the remaster and English localization of The Silver Case. The company’s CEO Goichi Suda was also present, and Destructoid got the chance to ask him a little about his plans for the future.

Speaking through translator and The Silver Case localizer Dan Mountain, Suda said that he would like to remaster Killer7 for modern platforms above everything else. He also expressed an interest in remastering No More Heroes, specifically the Wii version of the game and not the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

Additionally, Grasshopper Manufacture is nearing its 20th anniversary, and Suda51 mentioned that he “wants to do something in line with that [milestone].”

However, only time will tell what that something will turn out to be. To read the full interview with Goichi Suda, you can go here.

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