Suda51 Studio Grasshopper Manufacture Developing New Game

Suda51 New game grasshopper manufacture

According to the yearly Famitsu aspirations column, Director and President of Grasshopper Manufacture Suda51 revealed that the studio is in the process of developing a new game. However, information about this new title has yet to be revealed. Additionally Suda51 brought attention to the fact that it is Grashopper Manufacture’s 25th anniversary, and the studio will continue to move forward. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

In May 2022, Suda51 has teased that a new game from Grasshopper Manufacture would potentially be announced sometime within 2022. However, no further updates about this development have surfaced. Around this time, Suda51 announced the creation of an entirely new studio known as Yabukiri Studio. This was shared during a NetEase Connect 2022 livestream, in which he shared his dreams and aspirations for creating something directed towards a “younger audience.” Much like the teasing of future projects, no information about either aspirations have been shared. Additional information about any of these projects have yet to surface as well.

While one of Suda51’s titles is receiving a remake, it was revealed that the Director will not be involved in its development. This game being Lollypop Chainsaw. It was confirmed that neither Suda51 or James Gunn are involved in the remake. Both Gunn and Suda 51 shared this information through their respective Twitter accounts.

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