Suda51 Wants To Demolish Grasshopper’s Traits, And Propose New Ideas


Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda, aka Suda51, is known for personable games such as No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw and the upcoming Lily Bergamo. It’s been over a year since Grasshopper have been acquired by GungHo, and Suda recently talked to 4Gamer about his plans going forward.


Since Grasshopper’s acquisition by GungHo Online Entertainment earlier last year, 4Gamer points out that there must be some fans around the world who are worried that Grasshopper could possibly lose their touch. They ask Suda to share some of his thoughts on the subject.


“I believe that when it comes to ‘Grasshopper traits,’ people have different ideas [as to what they are],” responds Suda. “Even for us, each staff member at Grasshopper has different ideas.”


“In the midst of that, I personally would like to thoroughly demolish the existing Grasshopper traits, one by one. And by demolishing them, I’d like to propose new ideas, and create new ways to play”.


Proposing new ideas, he believes, is the best way to gain people’s acceptance.


4Gamer quotes, “There is no creation without destruction,” and asks if that’s what Suda has in mind. Suda replies that that is indeed along the lines of what Grasshopper are thinking. Unless they destroy the model they’ve used for everything they’ve made thus far, they won’t be able to give birth to new things. He cites professional wrestling as an example, where it’s not simply about improving yourself, but coming up with new moves entirely.


4Gamer points out that it’s fairly common for developers to find a new direction or image after spending years looking at the flow of the games market. The demand for new kinds of stimulation is the highest of all, along with the demand for something that feels nostalgic, yet new.


Suda replies that there are fixed rules and principles pertaining to input that are used as a guideline for designing games. However, he questions whether this is the only approach that one could take.


“Should analog sticks be [strictly] used as a means of movement? I believe there can be other applications, and I’d like to go back and design them for something else. I truly believe it’s that kind of new undertaking that many players have been waiting for.”


4Gamer then asks if that’s how they’d like to show that Grasshopper are different from other developers.


“Yeah, but I think we’ll still be using the analog stick for movement,” replies Suda with a laugh. “I really believe that there are many players who want a new way to play, but there aren’t many titles out there that offer new challenges.”


“I believe what’s most in demand for video games are titles with bold challenges and something that offers a new way to play. If we can properly make a game like that, I’m certain that it will reach out.”


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