Suikoden Creator Yoshitaka Murayama Working On A New Project Targeted At The West

Creator of the Suikoden RPG series Yoshitaka Murayama recently gave an interview to the Suikoden Revival Movement, and in it dropped a tidbit that a new game project from his studio, Blue Moon, might be coming West.

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Murayama stated: “It’s hard to say with certainty what will happen in the game industry, but one of the projects I’m currently involved with is targeted mainly towards the overseas audience.”


“However,” he added, “we’ve only just launched the project very recently and are not sure when things will actually get off the ground. When we do have something to show, I’ll be sure to post a message about it on my homepage.”


What this new project is remains to be seen. A few years ago, Murayama penned a manga adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, titled Magic: The Gathering – Moe Tsukinu Honō.


He also talks about some additional background on the Suikoden series such as the influences behind it (including a surprising Michael Moorcock link) and his work on the Magic the Gathering manga he helped do. You can read the full interview here.


Food for Thought:

In the interview, Murayama is asked about Kickstarter and his thoughts both on the platform and whether he might use the platform as well. He replies that Kickstarter may be the solution to the rising costs of developing HD games.


Wouldn’t it be great if he took to Kickstarter to develop a spiritual successor to the franchise he helped create? It sounds unlikely, but hey, a bunch of Japanese developers are doing just that.


Source: Suikoden Revival Movement (via Kotaku)

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