Suikoden Series Shows Some Life With First Update To Official Website In Years


The Suikoden series’ official website was recently updated with a new look after several years or inactivity, suggesting a possible announcement of some sort might be coming. [Thanks, Jin115.]

The above is a look at the official Suikoden portal site prior to the update. It’s been several years since it was last updated by Konami with the latest post dating back to June 18, 2014.

The website now shows an updated design with all the Suikoden series on display. There’s also an official Twitter account that hasn’t been used since February 18, 2013, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new activity in the near future.

Suikoden first released in Japan in December 1995 for PlayStation, followed by a Western release in November and December 1996. Its last game from the main series was Suikoden V which released in Japan on February 2006 for PlayStation 2, followed by North America in March and Europe in September of that year.

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