Summer Game Fest Announcements We Want To See

summer game fest 2022 silent hill

There’s no E3, but with Summer Game Fest 2022 and a host of surrounding showcases, we’re still getting the announcements! Here’s what the Siliconera staff is hoping to see in next week’s festivities.

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More than anything else, I would love to see any of those rumored Silent Hill projects get announced, or appear in some capacity. I can literally feel the monkey paw curl with that request, but I’d genuinely just be curious to see what kind of concept a new Silent Hill game might explore! — Kazuma

summer game fest sakura wars front mission

Release. Sakura. Wars. 1. Worldwide.
It feels like the 2019 Sakura Wars reboot is setting up a return of Sakura Shinguji and her crew. But so many people don’t know who she is! The original game got a PS2 remake! The first two games were bundled together for a PSP release! Give a traditional, tactical, worldwide release of the very first Sakura Wars game, Sega! Please! — Jenni

Jenni beat me to the customary round of Sakura Wars begging, so I’m going to hope for more word from Square Enix about its plans for the previously-announced Front Mission remake. Besides that, not-E3 tends to be a place for news about the biggest globally-developed titles, so some news about HoYoVerse’s progress on Honkai Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero would be welcome, too. — Josh

dragon quest xii 12 fire emblem

I’d be surprised if Square Enix didn’t have at least some sort of reveal for Dragon Quest XII. It’s been in development since the release of DQXI in 2017, for better or worse. Of course, it was also officially announced only last year. But I still want to see something! Gameplay? Characters? Story? A crumb of information, please, Square Enix! — Andrew

There are lots of franchises I’d love to glimpse in this month’s announcements. Valkyria Chronicles? Devil Survivor? Hey, what about Rocket Slime? But in more likely things, I’d really like to see the new Fire Emblem. Warriors games are fine, but what brings me to Fire Emblem is the tactics. Whether it’s a rumored remake or a totally new adventure, I just want to know something’s on the way soon. — Graham

summer game fest death stranding 2

Death Stranding 2. That’s it. That’s all I need. Well, anything new from Hideo Kojima, really. But recent statements from Norman Reedus have me leaning hard into DS2 being announced this summer. — Annette

What announcements do you want to see this month, during and around Summer Game Fest 2022? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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