Summer Yukata Quintessential Quintuplets Ichiban Kuji Line Will Re-Run


Bandai announced yet another Ichiban Kuji collaboration with Quintessential Quintuplets — this time, the girls are wearing yukata in a summer festival theme collection. The “Hey, Do You Want To Go To The Festival With Me?” (「ねぇ、一緒にお祭りに行かない?」) line is available on the Ichiban Kuji Online store, meaning it is only available to those in Japan. This line originally released on July 19, 2021, but has returned due to popular demand. You will have until September 12, 2021 to put in your raffle ticket orders, and the items will ship out in late December 2021.

Each raffle ticket will cost 700 JPY (around $6). However, the free icons of each girl that you can use on social media are free. The prizes are:

  • A Prize: At The Festival With You: Ichika Nakano ~ B5 Acrylic Board
  • B Prize: At The Festival With You: Nino Nakano ~ B5 Acrylic Board
  • C Prize: At The Festival With You: Miku Nakano ~ B5 Acrylic Board
  • D Prize: At The Festival With You: Yotsuba Nakano ~ B5 Acrylic Board
  • E Prize: At The Festival With You: Itsuki Nakano ~ B5 Acrylic Board
  • F Prize: Japanese-Style Ichika Nakano cushion
  • G Prize: Japanese-Style Nino Nakano cushion
  • H Prize: Japanese-style Miku Nakano cushion
  • I Prize: Japanese-style Yotsuba Nakano cushion
  • J Prize: Japanese-style Itsuki Nakano cushion
  • K Prize: Face towels (5 variations)
  • L Prize: Acrylic charms (5 variations)
  • M Prize: Prints (5 variations)
  • Last One Prize: Hard print set

Another Quintessential Quintuplets Ichiban Kuji collection titled “Together With You” will release on November 20, 2021.

The “Hey, Do You Want To Go To The Festival With Me?” re-run will end on September 12, 2021 and ship out in December 2021. Each attempt costs 700 JPY.

Stephanie Liu
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